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No.: CN-I-230OKIB
Size(m): 3.17m(L) × 1.54m(W) × - m(H)
Size(ft): 10.4ft(L) × 5.1ft(W) × - ft(H)
Customized: Yes
Weight: 44.5kg / 97.9lbs
Packing(m): 1.2m(L) × 0.65m(W) × 0.35m(H)
Packing(ft): 3.9ft(L) × 2.1ft(W) × 1.1ft(H)

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Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Tel: 00 86 20 84044012
Fax: 00 86 20
[email protected]
[email protected]

Chinee Inflatables,a top inflatable manufacturer,sells good price and quality Bounce Houses T2-3203.
Features: 🛶 Boat
We offer different size according to customer’s request.
0.9mm durable PVC tarpaulin
Double stitching & quadruple in areas of high tear and at every corner.
Digital print, silk print, or hand painting
CE or UL for different area using, plug can also be customized.
Heavy duty quickly deflation zips.
Blower/ carrying bag /Repair kits and etc.
Carton and high-strength PVC tarpaulin
L/C, T/T, Western Union, PayPal , Cash, Money Gram, Bank Account
Trade Terms:
EXW, FOB, CRF, CIF price
Delivery Modes:
By Sea, By Air, By Express
Delivery Time:
5-15days after the order confirmed
3-5 years
1 piece
Products Description
Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Product Size
3.17mL × 1.54mW × - mH
Packing Size
1.2mL × 0.65mW × 0.35mH
0.9mm durable PVC tarpaulin
blower/carrying bag/repair kits
3-5 years
Product Parameter
CN-I-230/0KIB234.5cm135cm26.70 kg350 kg2.0 P2.5 kw / 3.3 hp
CN-I-260/0KIB258.5cm146cm38.10 kg440 kg3.5 P3.7 kw / 5.0 hp
CN-I-265/0KIB263cm154cm40.10 kg500 kg3.5 P6.0 kw / 8.0 hp
CN-I-280/0KIB274cm152cm40.10 kg500 kg4.0 P6.0 kw / 8.0 hp
CN-I-300/0KIB296cm154cm43.00 kg520 kg4.0 P6.0 kw / 8.0 hp
CN-I-320/0KIB317cm154cm44.50 kg600 kg5.0 P7.4 kw / 10.0 hp
Product Display
CN-I-230OKIB Pvc Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat CN-I-230OKIB Pvc Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat CN-I-230OKIB Pvc Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat CN-I-230OKIB Pvc Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat CN-I-230OKIB Pvc Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat
Production Process

1.Auto Cutting

2.Punching Eyelet Button

3.Part Welding

4.High Temperature Joint

5.Gluing Parts

6.Product Test

Details Of Product

Color Swatch

Repair Kits

Air Pump




Anchor Ring

Air Valve

Product Advantages
TUV certificate for each single element against EN ISO25649

All Chinee single elements are TUV certified against EN ISO25649. Some our workmanship even exceed the requirement of the standard. The certification is very helpful for water park owners to apply for license and buy insurance.

Anti-UV&heat resistance material

Chinee use customized anti UV&heat material makes the life span of the floating water park 30%-50% longer than normal material that most suppliers have been using, especially for the strong UV and high temperature area.

Double connection systems

Chinee originally designed double connection systems make the whole water park very stable and robust even in the bad weather. This connection system is patent protected.

Quality Control

Daily Welding Test

Firmness Test For Handle

Firmness Test For Anchor Ring

Firmness Test For Welding

Quality Inspection For All Parts

Airtight Test

Q: What’s the life span of your water park products?
A: The normal life span is 3-5 seasons.
Q: Our area is very hot, what’s the temperature that your material can withstand?
A: Our material is customized anti-UV material.It’s ok for Queensland Australia and Thailand weather.
Q: Can you print my logo on the items?
A: Yes, we can print your logo on the items.
Q: Is your material suitable for salt water?
A: Yes, we have many water parks installed in the sea. Such as water park in Okinawa Japan, Croatia.
Q: Do you have CE certification?
A: We have CE certificate for air pump. For water games, they are of sports equipment, not children toys, so it does not have CE directive. We only have TUV certificate against EN15649 and this is ok for license applying,insurance buying and import customs clearance.
Q: I can not find a satisfactory combination on your website, can you design according to my water area?
A: Yes, please tell us your water area, water depth, capacity, approximate budget, we will design according to your need.

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Introducing Chinee Inflatable: The Ultimate PVC Inflatable Fishing Boat.Chinee Inflatable, a proud brand of our company, presents a remarkable product that combines durability, versatility, and endless fun—the PVC Inflatable Boat Inflatable Fishing Boat. With a length of 3.17 meters and a width of 1.54 meters, this boat offers ample space for your fishing adventures, leisurely rides, and exciting water activities. What sets our inflatable boat apart is its customizability, making it suitable not only for personal use but also as a valuable asset for rental businesses.
When it comes to gameplay, Chinee Inflatable offers an incredible array of possibilities. Picture yourself floating on a serene lake, enjoying the tranquility and taking in the breathtaking views. Our inflatable boat is perfect for creating such idyllic scenarios, allowing you to relax and unwind in the midst of nature’s beauty. Additionally, it serves as a versatile platform for various inflatable games, providing endless entertainment for family gatherings, parties, and outdoor events.
Behind the scenes, our production process prioritizes quality and longevity. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, our inflatable boat is designed to withstand the rigors of water activities, ensuring its durability for years to come. With meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee a robust construction that can handle various conditions, from calm lakes to gentle rivers and even mild coastal waters. You can trust in the reliability and safety of our product.
The usage scenarios for Chinee Inflatable are vast and diverse. It’s not just a boat for fun; it’s a tool for creating memories. Whether you’re embarking on a solo fishing trip, enjoying a day of relaxation with your loved ones, or engaging in thrilling water sports, our inflatable boat is your perfect companion. It accommodates different needs and preferences, providing a comfortable and stable experience on the water. Its versatility extends to fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone seeking a unique adventure.

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