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Folding Tent, Unpack, set up, take off, remove supports, done: The folding tent stands within 60 seconds. Without hooks and thread eyes. A aluminium shear construction makes the simple build-up possible without any tools. Simply pull the tent apart at two corners of the transverse sides, the shears enable an even opening. As soon as the tent is unfolded completely, the tent feet can be pulled and snapped in very easily into the desired height. Through such a flexible, light construction there is no canting. Your tent is standing! In all weathers - Outdoor proof for every season Open-air meetings always hide a risk: the weather. The solution: the folding tents Light, corrosion resistant such as polyester and aluminium guarantees absolute weather resistance with extremely low weight. Despite its lightweight construction the tent stands reliably on its (adjustable in height) aluminium feet. The folding tents are available in eight different colours with your Logo, your signature or any desired kind of advertisement. Folding tents can be used universally. As shelters, market stands, information points, starting al markings for sports gatherings, for product presentation