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Inflate the boat:
We advise that you should use the foot pump (Do not use the high-pressure pump).
First inflate the inflatable starboard and the inflatable port, and then inflate the bow. After finish inflating the 3 air chambers, you can inflate the keel. Please make sure you fully inflate the keel. After plugged all the valves, the boat can be used.
Note: Never over inflate the air chambers. Because the heat can enhance the pressure when in the sun (1c can enhance 0.004 BAR). The pressure lowers as the heat falls.

Self-bailing drain valve:
The self-bailing drain valve is at the bottom of the transom, almost all the types of inflatable boats have the valves except the sports boat.
Remove the drain plug, the drain system can let the water inside out automatically and prevent the water outside from getting in. In this case, you should remove the plug before rowing or paddling. It is important to rinse the valve often to keep it clean. 

 Use an outboard motor:
When you use an outboard motor, please make sure that you fix it on the motormount fixed on the transom, and tighten the screws on the motor. After the first 15 minutes of your voyage, please check whether the motor is still on the motormount.

Note: When motoring, never let the power beyond the maximum power labeled on the transom.

Use an oar/paddle:
This type of inflatable yacht is suitable for the skin drive.
Please take more care when rowing in the windy weather or your inflatable boat without a safety air chamber.

The proper way of hauling the boat:
All inflatable boats have 3 hauling rings except the sports type. In order to balance the strength of pulling the boat, better use the 3 hauling rings at the same time. When hauled, the boat should be unloaded. When pulling the boat in the bad weather, more towing ropes needed. The length of the ropes depends on the type of the boat and the whether condition.

The deflation of the air chamber:
As the inflatable boats are made to some standards, the extent of the deflation can not exceed 20% of the whole air pressure inside the boat, however, once it exceeds 20%, you should examine the boat as follows:

  1. Check all the pump valves to make sure they are tightly screwed.
  2. Check all the pump valves to make sure they are all clean.
  3. Check the hull to make sure it is in good condition without any abrasions.
  4. Check the seams of the boat.
  5. Examine the boat with suds to check out the rift. Where the air bubble is where the rift is.

The problem of water infall:
1 Check the self-bailing drain valve to make sure it works well.
2 Check the self-bailing drain valve to make sure it is clean.
3 Check the hull to make sure it is in good condition without any abrasions.
4. Disassemble the floor boards of the boat, set it on a flat floor, and fill it with water, after a while if the water is found on the floor, it means the boat is aleak.

Mending method:
After found the crevasse in the boat, you should clean the area around the crevasse. Cut out a round shape PVC fabric which is larger than the crevasse by 2.5cm and clean it as well. Gelatinize the PVC fabric and the crevasse, and stick them together after the glue is dry. There should be no bubble in between. After 24 hours, the boat can be used again.
Note: Repair the boat in the dry place. The humidity of the air should not exceed 60%. 

There is no need of a special care for the boat as it is made of PVC fabric. You don’t need to use the French chalk to help fold the boat. When you find the stains on the boat such as the scream stain, the oil stain…whatever hard to get rid of. First use thinner to clean the boat then wipe the boat with suds. Keep in mind after clean the boat with the thinner, you should use the suds to re-clean the boat. It is also important to clean the valve often. The transom, the wooden seat, and the floor board are made of assembled boards, which coated with waterproof lacquer. You should examine the lacquer often, and recoat the boards when necessary to prevent the boards from being eroded by water. Better cover the inflatable boat to avoid exposure and to keep the dust off.

Care & Preservation:
When you want to preserve the boat after use, you should wash the boat clean and dry it before put it up. Pick off the valve to deflate the boat and disassemble the floor boards and the aluminum slats. After fold the air chambers inside the boat to make them level with the ransom, and fold the cone back the ransom, and then you can roll up the whole boat. Bundle the rolled boat to reduce the volume. Put the boat with all the accessories into the carry bag.


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