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Before you unpack the inflatable boat, please note how the boat has been folded. Unfold the boat on a flat board, and check whether the bag contains the following accessories (wooden seat, inflatable seat, foot pump, oar/paddle, aluminum slat, repair kit bag, carry bag).

Pump valve:
The Pump valve is well fixed beforehand, and it does no harm to the material of the boat and the users, so it does not need to be disassembled from the boat. Open the valve and join the pump to the pipette, then inflate the boat. Press and turn the plug chip in the pump valve to let the air out and to stop inflating.

 Method of fixing the motormount:

As for the MD series, it is better to fix the motormount when half inflate the boat.

The beginning of assembling:
Before assemble the aluminum floor board, it is easier for you to half inflate the boat. Make sure the foot pump is appropriate for the inflatable boat (Do not use the high-pressure pump).
Advice: To avoid the abrasion of the hull, better keep a certain distance between the aluminum floor board and the inflatable hull when fix the aluminum floor board.

The floor:
The quantity of the floor boards going with the boat:
The mini tender inflatable yacht type: strip floor board
The sports yacht type:

ow to set the floor:

1). Push the NO. 1 floor board to the bow till the pump valve on the keel comes out in the middle of the floor board.
2). Assemble the board floors by numerical order.
3). When fix the NO.3 board floor and the NO.4, first raise the join of the two boards, and press the boards down as much as you can to set them under the transom.
As you will notice, it may be difficult to fix the floor at the first one or two times, but it becomes easier and easier to fix the boards after several times due to the extension of the PVC film. 

How to fix the aluminum slat:
To fix the aluminum slat, a paddle is needed. The paddle is consisted by two parts, and you should assemble the paddle up first.

Place the paddle on the floor, where you want to fix the aluminum slat, to leave a space between the floor and the inflatable fabric. Now hold the aluminum slat by two ends and put one end into the rut, then press it flat till it inosculates with the floor (illustration 4). Fix the other end of the slat in the same way.


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