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Hot Air Balloon Shaped Advertising Balloons

2009-05-25 18:42:42  
I seem to only really want to write posts after I’ve had a coffee and during work hours, otherwise it doesn’t interest me.
so christmas has come and gone in the mormon household and becky has informed me that it is or has been epiphany and that means we have to take the christmas decorations down. what’s weird here is that not a lot of people put up christmas lights or decorations and if they do they tend to go for like the lighted reindeer and inflatable sn0wmen.. which is ok in small doses.. but they have like seriously 6 or 7 reindeer on their teeny-tiny front lawn AND a giant inflatable snowman and it’s sooo tacky. also they’re still up today (minus the snowman which is for some reason in the living room deflated).

They had like just 4 up for a while which wasn’t so bad, but then kurt magically found some more in the garage and tried for like a week to get me to get the kids to put them up but i could never bring myself to add to the tackiness which was ok because we never really had time to do it anyway. (side note: i just spilled forbidden diet coke on myself, drool style) the kids really had fun at Christmas. they got so many presents. it was pretty cool though cause most of them were second hand or like from the dollar store but the kids were SO excited about every one of them. it was really great that their parents could save all that money and still have lots and lots of fun presents for the kids to open. Becky and kurt gave me a 50 dollar gift card to target (yaya!) which I’m pretty sure i’ll be using today.

Dane apparently wants mittens really badly.. i don’t know why. it’s like 20C here right now. MAYBE like 10C on a bad day. tomorrow their school is getting snow shipped in so the kids can play in it at recess… so weird… they like get a big truck and bring it down from the mountains in flagstaff or utah or something so at least if i get the mitts today he’ll be able to use them at least once.

Haha dane just asked me “are you going to buy me mittens today?” i said “yes we’re going today to buy them” he made a big sigh and said “thank you” like it was a giant relief that he would finally have mittens.. these kids are funny/weird. so like a couple weeks ago i was going to go to LA for dave’s band’s show but then he decided he was going to leave on the 8th and i have to work and then i was going to go with mike on the weekend for just the show but now he doesn’t want to go so now i can’t go. and THEN mike and i were going to go skiing/snowboarding up in flagstaff and then he told me that instead he was going to work on his car all weekend and go to the gun range… yay… so much fun.. i already told my bosses that i was going to LA this weekend probably so instead i’m just going to go stay at mike and dave’s this weekend so i can pretend like i’ve already quit. yay free place to stay

without mormons! i feel so bad for them, they have like no food in their apartment but chips and bagels so i’m going to make them a bunch of food and freeze it so they can eat something healthy. dave says he eats like 5 cheese quesadillas a day and that’s it. maybe some monster energy drinks. anyhoo… i told the kids on monday that i was leaving and gave them some pictures of me and them so they could remember me. hunter cried. dane cried.. because he got the orange frame instead of the blue one. and then because he was hungry. and then because he couldn’t find his socks. i’m pretending that he was really just projecting his sadness of me leaving onto those things.. but uh.. he’s not much for attachments. “i missed you today dane.” “ok”

You must first have the proper equipment. Oblong balloons (i.e., long tubular balloons) are the balloons used for constructing balloon animals. Do not depend upon your lungs to consistently blow up the balloons; this activity alone could be quite strenuous. Professional balloon artists use balloon pumps, which can be purchased inexpensively. The following techniques are used in almost every sculpture.


The first step is to inflate the balloon approximately halfway and knot the end. Then, it’s time to begin practicing the technique of making twists in the inflated balloon. These twists are made at spaced intervals, forming “bubbles.” These bubbles form the foundation of all the balloon sculptures.


The second foundation technique is known as a “fold twist.” One bubble of considerable length is folded on top of itself. The ends are then joined with a twist. Once again, practices of both of these basic techniques are the keys to successful balloon sculpture.


The balloon is often seen in major sports events like football and baseball. These are made of nylon and coated with silicon. The advantage for those who decide to use this is that people who work in office buildings, those who are driving on the road or those who are walking can see it.

Research has shown that many small companies have also joined in the bandwagon after seeing someone else do this to attract customers.

Hot Air balloon Shaped Advertising balloons
One Of The Most Effective Ways To Increase Your Visibility And Increase Your Sales!
The hot air shaped advertising balloon is a staple of the industry. Our customers are displaying them at their businesses and special events with great results. Constructed of high quality workmanship and materials, this style is a classic that demands attention.
Air filled balloons are powered by a continuously operating electric fan mounted at the bottom and can be powered by 110V or 220V. They fold up and can be transported in the storage bag in the trunk of your car. Helium filled balloons are designed to hold helium without rapid decompression.
These advertising balloons are great attention getters!

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