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Balloons in the Military

2009-05-25 18:42:42  

A kid’s birthday party is special in the kid’s childhood, which always leaves an unforgettable impression in the kid’s mind!


However, the party with inflatable bounce house will be the best venue and gift, which makes a special and wonderful day for kid. Generally, Bounce houses are those big, inflatable toys usually in the shape of a castle, a house, or just an open activity area. It may also come with a slide, an obstacle course, and a hoop set. It can be a source of endless fun and adventure for your kids.

Parties tend to last for hours and kids aged 5 to 10 years old are usually the guests. Children of this age tend to have short attention span and can be very hard to keep entertained. This fact is actually the most dreaded part of moms holding parties. Most of them would tend to the help of party organizer. However, party organizers always charge so much for services .such as preparing delicious food, organize normal activities, buy gifts of appreciation for the kids and so on .Parents would pay a lot but make less happy for the parties .So if you want to try a new method to establish a best fabulous party, an inflatable bouncer is all you need.


Actually, you could select various wonderful inflatable bouncers with different party themes form the inflatable renters. Once you set up these life-size inflatable Toys, You really don’t need to think about activities that would keep kids entertained. Just the sight of the bouncer on the background would make kids anticipate the fun and adventure for all day. Inflatable bouncers are a sure hit. No kid ever refuses the temptation of inflatable bouncer so far.


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So, you've got one heck of a party coming up and you want to make sure that your friends have a great time. You might have brought out a great little barbecue, bought some new lawn chairs, and set up a jungle gym for your kids. What else do you need to really put your party over the top? There are a lot of great choices out there, and among them you might consider renting an inflatable trampoline.


Why Rent an Inflatable Trampoline?

Renting an inflatable trampoline is easy, and it can provide hours of entertainment at your next event. I know you have seen them, just think of your last major picnic or harvest festival. Yup, there was one there, usually filled with kids, sometimes with balls or balloons for added pleasure. Just think, neighborhood parties, special events like graduations or other celebrations are great times spent with the kids or adults all burning off the extra cake or punch energy, and you can sit back and relax.


Where to Rent An Inflatable Trampoline

Party rental stores and sports stores are the obvious first stop for your rental. They supply them to dozens of birthday parties and company picnics every week and will have the most information and best staff to help you in setting up your party rental. The key is to make sure you give yourself and the store you're renting from enough time, so as you will have it on the day it is needed. Don't wait until the last second, or you might not find what you're looking for.


How to Set Up An Inflatable Trampoline

First, find a level flat spot preferably on smooth grass. Remember, do not set up the trampoline on cement. Doing so will simply increase the risk of injury, and that will ensure a fun filled day ends the wrong way. Next, lay it out flat and be sure to smooth out the top part.


Use the materials the store gave you to ensure you don't break anything and make sure to give yourself ample time to inflate and set everything up. If you do it an hour before the party, you might be disappointed when it deflates and causes a ruckus with the parents of all those smothered children.


Some handy reminders about your inflatable trampoline are to keep sharp objects away from it and out of it and out from under it. Do not set it up on gravel, and be sure people take off their shoes before going inside. Most of all have a blast on your inflatable trampoline!


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    The first military use of a balloon was at the Battle of Fleurus in 1794, when L'Entreprenant was used by French Revolutionary troops to watch the movements of the enemy. On April 2, 1794, an aeronauts corps was created in the French army; however, given the logistical problems linked with the production of hydrogen on the battlefield (it required constructing ovens and pouring water on white-hot iron), the corps was disbanded in 1799.

    The first major-scale use of balloons in the military occurred during the American Civil War with the Union Army Balloon Corps established and organized by Prof. Thaddeus S. C. Lowe in the summer of 1861. Originally, the balloons were inflated with coal gas from municipal services and then walked out to the battlefield, an arduous and inefficient operation as the balloons had to be returned to the city every four days for re-inflation. Eventually hydrogen gas generators, a compact system of tanks and copper plumbing, were constructed which converted the combining of iron filings and sulfuric acid to hydrogen. The generators were easily transported with the uninflated balloons to the field on a standard buckboard. In all, Lowe built seven balloons that were fit for military service.

    The first application thought useful for balloons was map-making from aerial vantage points, thus Lowe's first assignment was with the Topographical Engineers. General Irvin McDowell, commander of the Army of the Potomac, realized their value in aerial reconnaissance and had Lowe, who at the time was using his personal balloon the Enterprise, called up to the First Battle of Bull Run. Lowe also worked as a Forward Artillery Observer (FAO) by directing artillery fire via flag signals. This enabled gunners on the ground to fire accurately at targets they could not see, a military first.

   Lowe's first military balloon, the Eagle was ready by October 1, 1861. It was called into service immediately to be towed to Lewinsville, Virginia, without any gas generator which took longer to build. The trip began after inflation in Washington, D.C. and turned into a 12 mile (19 km), 12-hour excursion that was upended by a gale force wind which ripped the aerostat from its netting and sent it sailing to the coast. Balloon activities were suspended until all balloons and gas generators were completed.

  With his ability to inflate balloons from remote stations, Lowe, his new balloon the Washington and two gas generators were loaded onto a converted coal barge the George Washington Parke Custis. As he was towed down the Potomac, Lowe was able to ascend and observe the battlefield as it moved inward on the heavily forested peninsula. This would be the military's first claim of an aircraft carrier.

    The Union Army Balloon Corps enjoyed more success in the battles of the Peninsula Campaign than the Army of the Potomac it sought to support. The general military attitude toward the use of balloons deteriorated, and by August 1863 the Balloon Corps was disbanded.

   The Confederate Army also made use of balloons, but they were gravely hampered by supplies due to the embargoes. They were forced to fashion their balloons from colored silk dress-making material, and their use was limited by the infrequent supply of gas in Richmond, Virginia. By the summer of 1863, all balloon reconnaissance of the Civil War had ceased.


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