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2009-05-08 19:51:21  

Today we are celebrating our 2nd year of marriage! We can't believe how fast the time has gone. The picture doesn't do the view we had last night justice, but it was an amazing sunset on the Carmel coast! I will post more later, but it has been a full weekend. Saturday was the long awaited baby shower that andrew's sister, brother in law and mom put together.


They went all out and eveything was perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better day for our baseball themed baby bash under the new party tent Jon and Marci purchased ( more backyard parties are in our future!) About 45 families members came and some
friends, and let me just say that our car is full from floor to ceiling with gifts! We are overwhelmed at the love care showered on us over the weekend. After the shower we celebrated Andrew's mom's birthday with an Italian dinner under the party tent lit with stringed lights! The next day Andrew and I hit the road for a little getaway to Carmel,our favorite California vacation spot. It is also where Andrew proposed.


On the way we took our time and Andrew showed me where he went to college and his first apartments. It was so fun to see where all of his college day stories came from! We stayed two nights at the Hyatt in Monterey. Yesterday was a perfect day ( this side of eternity) and we spent most of it outside enjoying Carmel Valley and Ocean blvd. The best part was our dinner overlooking the ocean at sunset!


We decided to stay in the lounge with our perfect view and have appetizers for dinner which was so much fun! We did have a late lunch where I put away a giant burger without any trouble! Today we ate breakfast at our favorite little spot and took a rainy but beautiful drive along the coast. Right now we are stuck in horrific traffic, literally just sitting on the five, which is why this post is so long! But at least we are stuck together. I will post more later about the shower with pics, it was beautiful! Happy 2 years love! I love u so much!

Each of our jumping castles is designed similarly to their larger and more expensive commercial cousins requiring a continuous air flow blower to ensure that they remain inflated. All of our bouncers, even the cheapest, include an electric blower with them in the box..


There are some home use jumping castles out there that are designed to remain inflated and therefore do not require a continuous air flow blower. You should be aware that this design is more prone to damage and deflation because the jumping castle has a perfect seal of air meaning that air has nowhere to escape when you've got several children bouncing on them at once.


    The Happy Hop jumping castles are designed to continually "leak" air so that they have plenty of give for when children bounce. This doesn't mean that the castle deflates because it is contantly having hundreds of litres of air pumped into it, replacing immediately the air that is displaced as children bounce. The advantage with this design is that even if your jumping castle gets small holes in it, this will have virtually no effect on the operation of the bouncer.



(ACV), craft designed to travel close to but above ground or water. It is also called a ground-effect machine or Hovercraft. These vehicles are supported in various ways. Some of them have a specially designed wing that will lift them just off the surface over which they travel when they have reached a sufficient horizontal speed (the ground effect). Others are supported by fans that force air down under the vehicle to create lift. In a plenum chamber vehicle the rate of leakage of this air from underneath the vehicle is reduced by placing a skirt around the lower edge of the craft. In an annular jet vehicle the rate of leakage is reduced by directing the air downward and inward from the outer edges of the vehicle. Air propellers, water propellers, or water jets usually provide forward propulsion.

Air-cushion vehicles can attain higher speeds than can either ships or most land vehicles and use much less power than helicopters of the same weight. Air-cushion suspension has also been applied to other forms of transportation, in particular trains, such as the French Aerotrain and the British Hovertrain. A relatively smooth land or water surface, however, is a necessity; most of these vehicles cannot clear waves higher than 3 to 5 1 / 2 ft (1–1.67 m).

The first recorded design for an air-cushion vehicle was put forward by Emmanual Swedenborg, a Swedish designer and philosopher, in 1716. The project was short-lived and a craft was never built, for Swedenborg soon realized that to operate such a machine required a source of energy far greater than any available at that time. In the mid-1870s, the British engineer Sir John Thornycroft built a number of model craft to check the air-cushion effects and even filed patents involving air-lubricated hulls, although the technology required to implement the concept did not yet exist. From this time both American and European engineers continued work on the problems of designing a practical craft.

In the early 1950s the British inventor Christopher Cockerell began to experiment with such vehicles, and in 1955 he obtained a patent for a vehicle that was "neither an airplane, nor a boat, nor a wheeled land craft." He had a boat builder produce a two-foot prototype, which he demonstrated to the military in 1956 without arousing interest. Cockerell persevered, and in 1959 a commercially built one-person Hovercraft crossed the English Channel. In 1962 a British vehicle became the first to go into active service on a 19-mi (31-km) ferry run. The maximum size of air-cushion vehicles is now over 100 tons; some of them travel at over 100 mi (160 km) per hr. Although air-cushion vehicles of several thousand tons have been under development for many years, it is in small vehicles, usually called flarecraft, that the greatest current potential market exists; current flarecraft can carry one to eight people at 150 mi (240 km) per hr.


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