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Tips About Camping Air Bed

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Aerospace/Aviation and Highly Technical Sewn
Aerostar products fall generally within two categories: Aerospace/Aviation and Highly Technical Sewn and or Sealed Products. Aerostar aerospace products range from our military and science parachutes, high altitude scientific and military balloons and airships, space inflatables, and interplanetary balloons. Our remaining technical products range
from Tethered Aerostats, Military NBC barrier protection to survival suits,inflatablemilitary decoys, custom cold air inflatables, helium R/C (remote control) blimps, tethered helium inflatables, parade balloons and government or military uniforms. What makes
us the industry leader in the manufacture of this broad spectrum of products? It is our commitment to the highest quality products and over fifty years of experience.
Aerostar's roots are found in high altitude balloons. Scientists have used our high altitude free floating balloons to observe the atmosphere and explore the edge of space since 1956, when our parent company Raven Industries was founded. Precise design, proprietary film and sealing machines, technical manufacturing skills and reliability are the hall-mark of our Aerospace Products plant. Envision a critical science payload floating truly at the edge of space nearly 30 miles above the earth’s surface.
Tethered Aerostats (or blimps) are a turn-key product line offering large aerostats with a mooring trailer, winch and tether for an all-in-one aerostat solution.  This large aerostat product line is an outgrowth of our more than thirty years of experience building blimps and airships.  Payloads for communication, intelligence gathering, surveillance or reconnaissance can be flown on a tethered aerostat.  Besides offering the turn-key aerostat systems we also offer a complete line of standard size blimps or aerostats and can create a custom size to suit your needs.
Custom Inflatables are the best way to get your product, company or sports teams noticed.  A cold airinflatableis the easiest to use and to make lasting impressions and create brand identification with your target market. You can add in movement, smell, sound and other special effects to make your cold airinflatableabsolutely unforgettable.  Tethered Helium Inflatables are a great way to get noticed above the heads of the crowds. The durability and reusability of our heliuminflatablesis renowned worldwide. The helium retention of our balloons is phenomenal; many of our customers say there is no comparison!
As a domestic manufacturer of Protective Wear, we produce high quality, high tech military fuel handlers coveralls and Survival-One anti-exposure survival suits. We are a GSA contractor for FSC 84-Special Purpose Clothing.
Military products include ourinflatablemilitary decoys and training devices, various high altitude balloons and airships as well as our parachute line.  We are a contract holder for various types of parachutes manufactured for the government as well as other types of parachutes.  We manufacture any size or type of parachute from simple 50" payload retrieval to a 64' diameter G-12 Cargo Parachute to 160’ diameter heavy payload parachutes.  Our military decoys which are used for training or deception look just like the real vehicle and they all include radar reflective signatures and can have heat signatures added to the design.
Aerostar is the birthplace of modern day hot air ballooning. and has ceased taking orders for their aircraft. Aerostar is committed to maintaining the airworthiness of their hot air balloons. Our support includes replacement parts sales, safety education and continued maintenance updates, bullentins and letters..
Just click on a category in the image above to visit our individual product pages. You will find a wealth of knowledge and wonderful picture examples of our tethered aerostats, high altitude balloons, cold air inflatables, tethered helium inflatables, protective wear and military products. Please enjoy!
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Something about the outdoor life grabs people and calls them to come out to the wild to enjoy the wondrous beauty of nature that simply cannot be discovered unless you get far outside the cities and towns. There are many couples who love to share their passion for the out of doors. However, more of these couples might get out and “away from it all” more often, if they could enjoy a restful night of sleep too. This is where the camping air bed can come in to save the day.


This kind of camping bed is a significant upgrade in comfort for the campsite. When a couple is out hiking or camping they no longer have to end each day sleeping on a separate camping air mattress, but can now enjoy the luxury of a king size or queen size product that is especially designed for the outdoor-minded couple. This helps to bring an additional element of togetherness and comfort while under the stars and most couples report sleeping much better in their king or queen size air bed than they ever experienced on their twin air mattress.


Sometimes, it is the wife of the outdoor minded man, who will be less than enthusiastic about planning another outdoor excursion. Clearly the ladies prefer having more of the comforts of home and are not fans roughing-it, no matter how much they love getting out into nature. However, with the assurance of a comfortable night’s sleep, snuggled securing with their husband, they tend to be more willing to pitch a tent at the campground or lakeside retreat.


One of the advantages of a camping air bed is that most models are higher off the ground than the little traditionalinflatableair mattress that people are used to using for camping. For folks who have more creaking bones and trouble getting up off the ground, a raised air bed is a real treat because getting in and out of one of these is much more like getting in and out of your standard bed.


For those who are not all that excited about getting into sleeping bags that have seen too many seasons outside or stuffed in the corner of the garage, most of these camping air beds also can be used with standard bedding, making you feel even more like you are at home.


Sometimes children have some fears about staying out in the woods, or being very close to the ground, or both. In this case, a camp bed that is off the ground, like the beds they are used to at home, can make it easier for them to get used to their outback surroundings and sleep better. And, everyone knows that the better rested the kids are on during an adventure, the better things will go overall.


There is an amazing and exciting variety available in camping air bed models. There are full size, king size, and the most popular, queen size air bed options. There are even versions of camping air beds that will convert into a couch when it is not being used as a bed. With a little investigation about the different models available and some careful planning, you will be able to outfit your tent in such a way that you will feel at home even in the midst of the wilds.


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