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San Diego Yacht Club

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Dudu Geva (March 14, 1950 ??February 15, 2005). An Israeli artist, writer, cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book creator. Considered the most well-known and beloved Israeli comic creator.


Dudu Geva started his artistic career at the age of 17, in a youth weekly newspaper named "HaAretz Shelanu". In his army service, Geva contributed his talent to the military's newspaper "BaMahane". After his military service, Geva joined the staff of Israel TV's Channel One (the mainstream, government-sponsored station) as a graphic designer.

From then until his dying day, Geva didn't stop working and developing the Israeli culture of comics, illustrations, and humor. He published caricatures, comic strips, and satire columns in Israel's leading newspapers: "Haolam Hazeh" ("Zoo-Aretz-Zoo"), "Hadashot" ("The Song of the Duck"), "Ha'Ir" ("Joseph and his Brothers", "The Silence of the Duck"), "Kol Ha'Ir" ("Ahalan and Sahalan"), "Maariv" ("The Road to Happiness", "Geva's Journal") and "Haaretz" ("The Weekly Caricature").

Although working for mainstream bodies like newspapers and books' publishers, Geva worked (mostly in his last years) on developing the underground subversive and independent Israeli art world that had been blossoming in the area. Together with his artist friends, he had published independent comic and humorous booklets.

In addition to his work in journalism, Geva never stopped producing artistically. From watercolors to acrylic to pen and pencil, Geva made hundreds of varied artworks. Geva also produced dozens of comedic comic books, fine book illustrations, and charming children's books in collaboration with many of Israel's writers and artists. Geva was known for his humor which came to fruition in his characters- among them Joseph and the duck.

Dudu Geva died on February 15, 2005, of a heart attack. He left an ex-wife and two children.

In homage to Geva, a largeinflatableduck currently looks down on Rabin Square from the Tel Aviv Municipality building.


Noted Books

  • Zoo-Aretz-Zoo (1975)
  • The Knight Zick (1976) with Hanoch Marmari
  • Ridiculous Book (1981) with Kobi Niv
  • Son of Ridiculous (1983) with Kobi Niv
  • Kotz in the Potz (1984)
  • Ahalan and Sahalan in the Wild West (1985) with Kobi Niv
  • Dwarf in the Pants (1985)
  • Ridiculous Strikes Again (1985) with Kobi Niv
  • The Journal of the Clerk (1987)
  • The Duck (1994)
  • The Knight Zick in the Torah Wise Men Land (2002)
  • The Knight Zick in his War against the Routine (2002)
  • The Knight Zick in the Kingdom of old Legends (2002)
  • The Knight Zick and the Princess of the Nile (2002)
  • A4 Booklets (2003)
  • Cheap Literature Booklet (2005)
  • The Silence of the Duck (2005)


  • Dudu Geva 1950-2005- Haaretz (Hebrew)

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San Diego Yacht Club is a yacht club located in San Diego Bay. Its address is 1011 Anchorage Lane, San Diego, CA 92106, and is on a spit of land known as Shelter Island. San Diego Yacht Club has a thriving junior program, with accomplished juniors such as Olympic hopeful Andrew Campbell. Other notable juniors include Adam Roberts, Graham Biehl, Cameron Biehl, Anna Brun, Tyler Sinks, and Parker Shinn, many who continue their sport at college. About 200 children attend the program each summer, with many continuing year round. The junior sailors sail 420s, CFJs, Sabots and Lasers. High school sailing teams also sail out of the San Diego Yacht Club, including the Point Loma, Bishop, Francis Parker, and Cathedral Catholic High School Sailing Teams.

San Diego Yacht Club also has a main dining room, a library, outdoor seating, a bar, a pool and a pavilion equipped with a barbecue. San Diego Yacht Club was home to a America's Cup race in the 1990's.

SDYC has extensive wet and dry slips available for members. Members, for a monthly fee, can store their boat at SDYC. They are very hard to obtain and the waiting list is very long. The wet slips can accommodate boats up to 90 feet in length, and the dry slips are for smaller boats usually up to 23 feet in length.

San Diego Yacht Club is home to multiple fleets, many of which race regularly. There are fleets of Lehman 12s, PCs, Stars, Etchells, and an adult Sabot fleet. There is also a model yacht fleet which races CR914s. Most of the larger boats race outside of San Diego Bay.

SDYC leases an outstation on Catalina Island from the Catalina Island Conservancy. The outstation is named Buffalo Beach, and is located at the White's landing, Long Point area. The outstation offers many resources for the club members such as showers, stoves, bathrooms, tents, tables and cooking utensils. There is a semi-permanent "dockmaster" who tends for the outstation 6 months every year. Members who do not own boats can rent tents for a certain price and use the facilities available.

Prominent members include Dennis Conner, skipper in the America's Cup and Roy Disney, a member of the Disney family.

Jr. Sailing Program

San Diego Yacht Club boasts one of the largest and oldest junior sailing programs in the country. Founded in 1928 by Staff Commodore Joe Jessop, the initial objective was to teach “swimming, boat care, racing tactics, and sportsmanship”; eighty years later they are still following the same objective.

The initial class consisted of Robert Town, the 1928 Jr. Commodore, brothers Gordon Frost, Sr.*, Albert A. Frost, Jr.*, Robert Merit, Grant Stone and Walter Fisch. Lessons were taught in Sea Mews and Starlets (a junior trainer that was a smaller version of the popular Star class). Races for the starlets were held in the bay and two short years later in 1930 the American Starlet Association would be created with Gordy serving as its first Commodore. Of these six juniors, two became future Commodores of the San Diego Yacht Club and all of them paved the way for the Junior Programs future.

From these humble beginning the San Diego Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program has evolved into a year round intense training program affecting around 200 youth sailors every year. The Junior Program consists of a full time Junior Program Director, coaches, maintenance and administrative staff. Facilities include a Junior Clubhouse, tool room, Sabot and Laser storage spaces, sail and boat wash areas and two launching ramps. Members of the Junior Program have access to the junior charter fleet that includes 25 Sabots, 18 Optimists, Lasers (and Radials), CFJ's and 420's. Also included in the fleet are the SDYC Jr, Race Committee Boat, the Al Frost Sr., a dozen Whaler chase boats,inflatableand multi-boat trailers for travel to away regattas.

Throughout the year, events are scheduled for sailors of all ability levels including fun events, field trips, special racing clinics and a very active after-school program and practices. During the summer months, the Junior Program goes into 'high gear.' The Program employs the finest instructional staff, recruited from around the globe, to teach an eight-week summer sailing and racing program.

The result of coaching, learning and racing has led to the San Diego Yacht Club Youth Program's success in local, area, national and international competitions. In the recent past, SDYC Juniors have won the US Sailing Youth Championships Single-handed trophy nine times and the Doublehanded trophy four times. SDYC juniors won the Interscholastic Sailing Association's National Championships in '93, ’96, ’99 and 2001-2005 and have placed in the top three each year. The alumni of the SDYC Junior Program have, and continue, to compete at the highest international levels of our sport. Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists, World and National Champions in several classes and America's Cup competitors are all products of SDYC's Junior Sailing Program.

Along with its competitive achievements, the San Diego Yacht Club Junior Program also emphasizes fun, safe boating, seamanship, life skills and safe boating awareness. This serves to reinforce all members' dedication to the Corinthian principles and tradition of yachting at the San Diego Yacht Club.

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